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Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced criminal defense lawyers, representing those who have been charged with serious crimes and other wrongful acts. With over thirty five years of experience as criminal defense attorney, calling Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law should be your first move when you or a loved one are charged with a crime.

Criminal defense lawyers cover a wide range of cases, everything from misdemeanors such as speeding tickets to homicide investigations. The 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are particularly relevant for anyone charged with a criminal offense, because they guarantee the right to have a lawyer present for any police questioning and to be represented by a lawyer at any possible trial or hearing in regards to any charges that are filed. Known today as Miranda rights, the advisory by police that a suspect taken into custody has” the right to remain silent,” and that anything he says may be used as evidence against him is not just for TV shows. It is a basic right of all U.S. citizens.

“Innocent until proven guilty” can be a doubled edged sword when it comes to criminal defense. While the basic principle of presumption of innocence is a cornerstone to the American justice system, the fact is that no one would stand trial in a case unless someone (whether it’s the district attorney’s office, a police officer involved in the case, or even the victim) thought that they were guilty. Furthermore, they have brought the case to trial because the plaintiff believes there is sufficient evidence to convict the defendant. So, although every defendant starts every trial theoretically “innocent,” he will also have to show that the charges laid against him are untrue or otherwise unworthy of convicting him of the crime.

A good defense attorney will have a variety of tools at his disposal to attempt to overturn or discredit the prosecution’s case. For example, a homeowner being charged with the murder of someone in his home may use the “castle defense,” which states that a person has a legal right to defend himself in his own home if he is attacked or otherwise assaulted in that home. False evidence, insanity, or even actual innocence (presumably also provable) may all be strategies employed by a savvy criminal defense attorney.

Although many people think that a conviction will only stay on your record for 7 years or so, the truth is that a criminal conviction (after the age of 18) will stay on your record for a lifetime. If for no other reason, that alone should be enough to convince anyone facing a trial and potential conviction to find and hire the best criminal defense attorney they can afford.

Because Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced criminal defense lawyers, choosing him to represent you or a loved one is a wise decision if charged with a serious crimes or other wrongful acts. Ther firm size, location and wealth of resources places us in a unique position to provide expert representation in all areas of criminal law. Contact attorney Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law in Reno for your free consultation.

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