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Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced defense lawyers, representing those who have been charged with DUI or Manslaughter in Washoe County Nevada.

Don’t say a word. Wait until you speak with a lawyer. A charge of DUI Manslaughter is one of the most serious things you can be charged with. You need a good lawyer. In Reno there are many talented defense lawyers like Lee Hotchkin. Some have many decades of experience before the bench in Reno.

We know you did not mean to kill anyone with your car. That’s why it’s called manslaughter. You must be very upset causing the death of another person, and somehow you may think you deserve to be punished. You are punishing yourself right now, and you will never forget what happened. The question is, should you go to prison for this?

Why did this accident occur? Was the amount of alcohol the reason it happened, or, could there other factors that may have caused the accident?

Your life depends on who stands up with you in court. You are facing a long time in prison if convicted. If you are willing to make major life changes there may be a way out of this. Talk to Lee Hotchkin about plea deals, rehab, and house arrest options.

Lee Hotchkin has 33 years of experience, as a defense lawyer in Reno. He has handled other manslaughter cases in the past and with great success. Contact Lee right now by instant message by using the instant contact form on the left side of this page. He is available 24/7. Tell him what happened, where you are, and he will meet you at the jail or his office ASAP.

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