Federal Crimes


Lee Hotchkin is one of the most talented trial lawyers in Reno Nevada. He represents those who have been charged with a federal crime. If you have been charged with any federal crime, please consider Lee Hotchkin. He can help you with gun charges, or charges involving arson, cyber-crimes, drug manufacturing or trafficking cases, or cases of terrorism. Hotchkin Law is the one firm to choose when charged with a federal crime in Reno.

The last thing you need to do now is worry. You have just come up with the best lawyer you can find to handle you federal case. Give us a call right now and tell Lee Hotchkin to meet you asap. If you like what you hear at the end of the meeting, hire him as your lawyer. He can stand toe-to-toe with the best the government can provide. We cannot tell you how your federal case will turn out, but you can bank on the fact that Lee Hotchkin will work tirelessly to make sure you get home to your family.

Federal cases are serious. You may be facing a long time in jail for this federal crime. You have the best lawyers in the country plotting your demise at this very minute, and you are helpless sitting there. Contact an experienced Federal lawyer in Reno who can help you. Lee Hotchkin has been fighting before the federal bench for more than 33 years. His style while personally mild, is described in court as a bulldog.

Over the years, we have handled thousands of individual cases, and have been retained to handle some of the most complex litigation in Nevada history. Hotchkin Law also have handled cases involving murder, and death penalty cases.

The Hotchkin legal team is ready to take on your federal court case. Their investigators, and forensic experts will tear the governments case to shreds and find the honey hole called dismissal. You can count on the Hotchkin Law Team. They have the experience needed and the talent to argue the point to the very end of time. Call Lee now for an appointment.

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You need a lawyer experienced with Federal laws. In Reno there are several talented lawyers that offer defense. Please consider Lee Hotchkin of Hotchkin Law.

Hotchkin Law can help you with any federal charges brought against you. They are certified by the Nevada State of Appeals and can take cases all the way to the Supreme Court of Nevada.