Reno Nevada Law Reno Criminal Attorney Thu, 21 Jan 2016 18:13:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Reno Nevada’s Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:43:36 +0000 If you are looking at prison time or a hefty criminal penalty, you should most likely look to hire the best criminal defense lawyer possible. To put it simply, representing yourself in a criminal trial in a competent manner is almost impossible. Because no one criminal case is exactly like another, criminal defense lawyers are trained to pick out the special portions of each case that make them unique. In addition, the best criminal defense lawyer may be able to assert certain arguments and factors that could mitigate or even negate any potential crime. When it is all said and done, getting an attorney to represent you in your criminal trial is a necessity.

If you are looking at serious penalties or time in prison, you will want to have the best criminal defense lawyer fighting for you.  You need Lee Hotchkin of Reno Nevada Law.


A criminal defense lawyer has many jobs. In addition to calling witnesses in your defense and cross-examining witnesses that the prosecution puts forward, your criminal defense attorney may also:

• Work with you and the prosecutor to negotiate a “deal.” These deals, also known as “plea bargains” can often reduce your potential sentence or eliminate some or all of the charges brought against you. The quality of your representation is crucial to how advantageous a plea bargain can be. Prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate with defendants that represent themselves.

• Developing a good sentencing program for your situation. In the event that you are found guilty, your criminal defense attorney may be able to arrange your sentence in a way that will prevent you from winding back up in the criminal justice system. For instance, instead of going to prison; your criminal defense attorney may suggest a drug treatment facility to help you with the drug problem that landed you in trouble in the first place.

• Help you with the emotions that often go along with criminal trials. Defendants in criminal prosecutions often feel embarrassed, depressed, and fearful and can also suffer from low self-esteem.

• Provide you with a reality check. Defense lawyers often know what is going on much better than you will during your criminal trial. Defense attorneys have the advantage of remaining objective throughout a proceeding and can offer insights into how the trial is actually going and what is likely to happen in the near future. These assessments and reality checks are often essential when a criminal defendant is trying to decide whether or not to call a certain witness, to testify or remain silent, or to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.

• Point out important legal rules and regulations that you would most likely never know on your own. Many rules and laws about criminal prosecutions are within statutes, and even prior court opinions. For example, if you were to represent yourself, you may never know if the search that the police conducted of your apartment was lawful or not without understanding the many nuances and intricacies surrounding the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

• Navigate your case through the state or federal legal system where your case is being heard. In addition to written statutes, and local rules of court, that must be obeyed and followed, there are often many “unwritten policies” that go along with each jurisdiction. For example, if only certain prosecutors are able to make and approve plea bargains, your criminal defense lawyer may save you time (and even jail time) by talking to the right person.

• Explain about some of the “hidden costs” who come along with pleading guilty. Many people that represent themselves never think about the consequences of pleading guilty. For example, if you plead guilty, you may find it very hard to find a job in your profession once you have completed your punishment.

• Be able to spend more time and effort on a case than a defendant that chose to represent himself (after all, it is the attorney’s job to represent you!).

• Be able to more easily gather evidence and statements from witnesses that are going to be called by the prosecution. Many witnesses, understandably so, refuse to give statements or information to people that were allegedly involved in a crime, for fear of their own safety. However, these witnesses are often much more willing to talk to an attorney about their upcoming testimony.

• Find and hire investigators that can investigate not only the alleged crime but also the witnesses that the prosecution is going to call to the stand. If these investigators can find evidence that would make a witness’s testimony less believable, this could help your case tremendously.

• Find and hire “expert witnesses” that may be able to present evidence that would tend to show your innocence or rebut evidence that the prosecution presents which would make the prosecution’s case less credible.

Reading Books Probably Won’t Help You Too Much

Unbeknownst to many criminal defendants that seek to represent themselves, reading books that spell out crimes, punishments and defenses will probably not lead you to victory in your case. Indeed, there is quite a vast difference between reading about the law and actually practicing the law in court, as any seasoned lawyer will tell you. Understanding the currents, subtleties, ebbs and flows of a criminal trial is what can make the difference between winning and losing your case.

“Prosecutorial discretion” is a prime example. The simple decision of what to charge a criminal defendant with can make the difference in how a case is handled. For example, what may appear to be a simple crime on paper could realistically be cast to be a multiple felony counts, or a simple misdemeanor. Which prosecutor is charged with making this decision can have a great impact on your case. Criminal defense lawyers are skilled at negotiating with prosecutors to figure out what counts to charge.

If you have been arrested you deserve the best lawyer in the Reno area – call Hotchkin Law (775) 786-5791.

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How Does Skillful Attorney Assist over Free Lawyer in a Criminal Case? Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:42:28 +0000 2014_May-1-720x271

A criminal defendant’s right to an attorney is found in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, if the defendant cannot afford an attorney, in almost all instances the government will appoint one to handle the case, at no cost to the defendant.  Many public defenders are inexperienced and over worked.  Where as a skillful and experienced attorney, (like Reno Nevada Law’s Lee Hotchkin) who will personally oversee your case is an  effective choice.

Lee has more than 33 years experience in criminal defense.  He has a proven track record, many of his past clients have had their charges dropped  – he may be able to do the same for you.  With Lee Hotchkin  as your attorney, you won’t be lost in a system – waiting for your assigned attorney to show up.

Lee Hotchkin will be your advocate, he will skillfully represent you and fight for your rights. Lee is available to meet you during normal business hours at his office located in the museum tower building, or on weekends or nights by appointment.  He can also meet you at the jail, if need be.

If you or a loved one have been arrested and you are looking for a skillful and experienced attorney call Reno Nevada Law (775) 786-5791 today for a FREE CONSULTATION!


The defense attorney’s role is of paramount importance in almost every criminal case. While specific duties of an attorney vary depending on the nature of the charges and the case, key responsibilities of any criminal defense lawyer include:

• Advising the defendant of his or her rights and explaining what to expect at different stages of the criminal process

• Ensuring that the defendant’s constitutional rights are not violated through law enforcement conduct, or in court proceedings

• Negotiating a plea bargain with the government, on the defendant’s behalf

• From arraignment to sentencing: investigating facts and evidence, cross-examining government witnesses, objecting to improper questions and evidence, and presenting any legal defenses

Due to their work load, public defenders are often looking to do accept the first plea bargain they get for you and clear your case. A skillful and experienced lawyer will analyze your case from your first meeting and begin establishing a strategy to achieve the best possible out come.

This may mean going to trial – a skillful attorney, like Lee Hotchkin,  is experienced at trial work.  His only allegiance is to you. If going to trial is the best way to achieve a positive outcome for you, Lee will take on Washoe County’s best head to head and aggressively defend you.

Do you need a skillful attorney who isn’t afraid to go to trial with your case and will take on the DA head to head?  Call Reno Nevada Law (775) 786-5791 today – it’s what we do!


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Reno Car Accident Lawyer Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:41:57 +0000 reno-car-accident-attorney

Car accidents can be terrifying experiences. Often, at least some of the people involved are injured, sometimes severely, and the automobiles that crashed are damaged. The legal system can help the parties sort out who is at fault for the accident, and which party needs to pay the doctors’ and mechanics’ bills. Reno Car Accident Lawyer Lee Hotchkin handles all types of car accident cases year-round. For more than 35 years Lee has helped people who have suffered injuries from car accidents, citations involved or during a car accident, and many other legal issues that may arise from accidents and legal issues.

How a Car Accident Case Works
Reno Car Accident Lawyer Lee Hotchkin delivers a combination of traffic and personal injury law for car accidents. Someone who is injured in an auto accident can hire an attorney who will negotiate with the other drivers to determine who should pay for the damage, and if necessary, the attorney will file a lawsuit. The courts will piece together exactly what happened using police reports, photos, and other evidence, and then use the local traffic laws as well as legal concepts such as to determine who caused the accident. Whoever is at fault usually has to compensate the other party for medical and property expenses, as well as for harm such as lost wages and pain and suffering.

However, this is not always a simple calculation, since sometimes both drivers are at fault. Each state has slightly different rules for situations in which there is more than one person responsible for the crash. Some states require that one party pays all the bills, whereas others allow the two parties to split the bills according to the amount each party is to blame.

The Role of Auto Insurance
Fortunately, most people do not pay all of the damages stemming from a collision out of pocket. Automobile insurance may pay to repair at least some of the damages or replacement cost for all or some of the vehicles involved, and may pay for some medical expenses as well. Insurance companies may also pay for an attorney, if necessary, although clients do not usually get to choose their own attorney.

Determining Who Is At Fault
The laws on who is at fault vary depending on the types of vehicles involved. Most states give more protections to pedestrians and bicyclists, since they are more vulnerable to injuries from a collision. Similarly, motorcyclists may have greater injuries, but motorcyclists also must follow different traffic rules since they can be faster and more nimble than an automobile. Truck drivers are usually professionally trained and certified, and have to drive more carefully than most other drivers. Determining who pays for the damage after a collision with a truck is slightly more complicated than other kinds of accidents because trucks are often commercially owned, so the liability may rest not only on the driver, but on the owner of the truck as well.

Call Lake Tahoe Personal Injury Lawyer lawyer at Hotchkin Law today at (775) 786-5791.


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Criminal Defense Reno Area Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:35:15 +0000 Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced criminal defense lawyers, representing those who have been charged with serious crimes and other wrongful acts. With over thirty five years of experience as criminal defense attorney, calling Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law should be your first move when you or a loved one are charged with a crime.

Criminal defense lawyers cover a wide range of cases, everything from misdemeanors such as speeding tickets to homicide investigations. The 5th and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are particularly relevant for anyone charged with a criminal offense, because they guarantee the right to have a lawyer present for any police questioning and to be represented by a lawyer at any possible trial or hearing in regards to any charges that are filed. Known today as Miranda rights, the advisory by police that a suspect taken into custody has” the right to remain silent,” and that anything he says may be used as evidence against him is not just for TV shows. It is a basic right of all U.S. citizens.

“Innocent until proven guilty” can be a doubled edged sword when it comes to criminal defense. While the basic principle of presumption of innocence is a cornerstone to the American justice system, the fact is that no one would stand trial in a case unless someone (whether it’s the district attorney’s office, a police officer involved in the case, or even the victim) thought that they were guilty. Furthermore, they have brought the case to trial because the plaintiff believes there is sufficient evidence to convict the defendant. So, although every defendant starts every trial theoretically “innocent,” he will also have to show that the charges laid against him are untrue or otherwise unworthy of convicting him of the crime.

A good defense attorney will have a variety of tools at his disposal to attempt to overturn or discredit the prosecution’s case. For example, a homeowner being charged with the murder of someone in his home may use the “castle defense,” which states that a person has a legal right to defend himself in his own home if he is attacked or otherwise assaulted in that home. False evidence, insanity, or even actual innocence (presumably also provable) may all be strategies employed by a savvy criminal defense attorney.

Although many people think that a conviction will only stay on your record for 7 years or so, the truth is that a criminal conviction (after the age of 18) will stay on your record for a lifetime. If for no other reason, that alone should be enough to convince anyone facing a trial and potential conviction to find and hire the best criminal defense attorney they can afford.

Because Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced criminal defense lawyers, choosing him to represent you or a loved one is a wise decision if charged with a serious crimes or other wrongful acts. Ther firm size, location and wealth of resources places us in a unique position to provide expert representation in all areas of criminal law. Contact attorney Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law in Reno for your free consultation.

Hotchkin Law
100 West Liberty Street
Reno, Nevada 89501

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Reno Car Accident Attorney Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:34:38 +0000 Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law is one of the most experienced Reno car accident attorney’s in the Reno/Sparks area. Lee has been successfully representing clients involved in car accidents for over 35 years.

Victims of car accidents sometimes assume that because criminal charges apply they are not able to seek reparations for damages or compensation for medical bills. However, in many states injured parties are in fact able to sue for any or all damages incurred if negligence, or willful carelessness, can be shown to be a causal factor.

What does negligence in an accident look like? The most common form could be texting or talking on a mobile phone, which is currently banned in more than 30 states. Negligent cell phone use is responsible for more automobile accidents than any other single factor—including drunk driving or speeding—and can turn the tables heavily in a victim’s favor in court.

Wondering what some of the other forms of motor vehicle negligence look like? Things like:
• Drunk driving
• Speeding
• Reckless driving
• Running red lights
…are all negligent causes to an accident as well, to name just a few. If the driver of the other vehicle is found to have been negligent through any of these mitigating factors, he will likely be found to be legally liable for the accident, and will consequently be found liable to pay damages sought by any injured parties.

Nor is compensation limited to only medical bills incurred as a result of the accident. Damages may be awarded to offset lost wages due to the accident, and even for pain and suffering caused by an accident, although often this compensation will depend on the other driver being found to be “at fault.” Both Nevada and California are considered fault or “tort” states, meaning that the driver must be found to be at fault before his insurance will pay any injured party’s claims.

Establishing fault in a car accident can be a tricky proposition, especially when you are potentially fighting against a swarm of insurance companies out to prove the other party’s innocence. Unless your case is a simple claim that the insurance company pays out without questioning, it may be advantageous to consider using an attorney familiar with auto accident law, which can vary from state to state and even city to city.

Keep in mind that any lawsuits following auto accidents must be filed within a certain time limit after the accident, per a common clause known as the “statute of limitations.” Intended to prevent frivolous lawsuits from being filed years after an incident takes place, the statute of limitations in auto accidents is usually two years, although the time period may vary slightly from state to state.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the Reno, Sparks, Carson City or Lake Tahoe area, don’t go it alone against the insurance companies, protect yourself and call Reno car accident attorney Lee Hotchkin at Hotchkin Law at (775) 786-5791.

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Reno Nevada Violent Crime Attorney Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:33:20 +0000 45993_567586789954313_449579351_n

Violent Crime? Don’t worry. You have found one of the most experienced defense lawyers in Reno. Lee Hotchkin has been winning violent crime cases for more than 33 years. He can help you too but time is of the essense. Call now before the case unravels.

The Hotchkin Law Firm is known in Reno as a serious defense firm for those charges with serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, or assault with a deadly weapon. We have been quite successful recently with attempted murder charges, and charges involving weapons. If you are looking for the best lawyer you can find in Reno to represent you in a murder trial, Perry Mason isn’t real, but Lee Hotchkin is. You can count on Lee to stand by your loved one in court, and by you during this difficult process.

You must be really worried about what you are going to do now that they have been charged with a violent crime. The best thing you can do as a spouse is try to keep things as normal as possible at home. Cook, eat, go to work, and try and get some sleep.

The State of Nevada is going to do everything they can to put your loved one behind bars, it’s our job to make them look inexperienced, and utterly wrong. Lee Hotchkin is the lead council of the Hotchkin Law Firm. Lee and his associates will look in every law book and turn every page to find cases to build from. Nothing is too small to bring to the table.

Violent crime cases are very high profile both for the D.A. and the Governor’s office. They want convictions and are willing to do anything they can to throw your loved one behind bars for as long as they can. You need to throw up a wall 80 feet high and just as thick to keep your loved on out of jail. You need experience, and Lee Hotchkin has it.

If your loved one was picked up and taken to the jail the next possible meeting is in the morning. Lee Hotchkin can meet you first thing if you take a moment right now to fill out the form on the left side of this page. Explain what happened, and what kind of violent crime they are charged with. Lee will get the message right away, 24 hours a day. He knows what you are going through and will be there for support tomorrow morning. Use that form now.

Call our office now to schedule a FREE Consultation (775) 786 -5791
Hotchkin Law – 100 West Liberty Street – Suite 820 – Reno Nevada 89501

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Experienced Lawyer Reno Nevada Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:31:39 +0000

Lee Hotchkin is one of the top defense lawyers in Reno, Nevada. Contact him right now and tell him you would like him to represent you.

For more than three decades, Lee Hotchkin has been defending local residents who have been arrested in Reno on various charges. We stand by you even if you are facing horrible allegations, or if the evidence against you seems insurmountable.

Hotchkin Law has a wide array of strategies which include picking apart the State’s case against you. Did they make any procedural errors? Were your civil rights violated; did they read you your rights. We hire our own investigators to check forensic evidence against you, and if all goes well, you can be out of jail before the trial begins. This hands on approach makes Hotchkin Law a great defense attorney.
Being arrested in Reno can be a startling experience to say the least. One wouldn’t expect such conditions in a modern place like Reno, but the jails are overcrowded; a place where they stuff you in holding cells for hours with real hardened criminals. Use your phone call wisely. Call Lee Hotchkin right now to get you the heck out of there.

*Licensed in Nevada

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DUI Manslaughter Lawyer Reno Nevada Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:30:25 +0000 1075812_567586383287687_345188687_n

Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced defense lawyers, representing those who have been charged with DUI or Manslaughter in Washoe County Nevada.

Don’t say a word. Wait until you speak with a lawyer. A charge of DUI Manslaughter is one of the most serious things you can be charged with. You need a good lawyer. In Reno there are many talented defense lawyers like Lee Hotchkin. Some have many decades of experience before the bench in Reno.

We know you did not mean to kill anyone with your car. That’s why it’s called manslaughter. You must be very upset causing the death of another person, and somehow you may think you deserve to be punished. You are punishing yourself right now, and you will never forget what happened. The question is, should you go to prison for this?

Why did this accident occur? Was the amount of alcohol the reason it happened, or, could there other factors that may have caused the accident?

Your life depends on who stands up with you in court. You are facing a long time in prison if convicted. If you are willing to make major life changes there may be a way out of this. Talk to Lee Hotchkin about plea deals, rehab, and house arrest options.

Lee Hotchkin has 33 years of experience, as a defense lawyer in Reno. He has handled other manslaughter cases in the past and with great success. Contact Lee right now by instant message by using the instant contact form on the left side of this page. He is available 24/7. Tell him what happened, where you are, and he will meet you at the jail or his office ASAP.

Call our office now to schedule a FREE Consultation (775) 786 -5791
Hotchkin Law – 100 West Liberty Street – Suite 820 – Reno Nevada 89501

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Reno Nevada Traffic Crime Lawyer Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:27:53 +0000 1069830_567586349954357_1942064048_n

Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced defense lawyers. He has been practicing defense law in Reno for more than 33 years. If you are under arrest, or if your loved one just called and said “they were arrested for a traffic crime”, contact Lee Hotchkin right away. (775) 786 5791 You are not alone. Hundreds of people are charged with traffic crimes every month in Reno and most of them make the mistake of handling the case themselves. Traffic cases require a lawyers attention because most of the tickets issued are defective in one way or another, or the crime they allege you committed was not marked on the ticket. Many of these cases get through the system anyway because the person charged did not have their lawyer look at it. They think, “I don’t have a lawyer” and “I can’t afford that”, well you are wrong. You do have a lawyer. His name is Lee Hotchkin.

Hotchkin Law can handle many types of traffic cases. They can appear in court for you, or for a smaller fee, they can check the facts in your traffic case and advise you accordingly. Lee Hotchkin works with some of the best litigators in the state, so no matter where in Nevada you are charged, Hotchkin Law can help you. On the right side of this page you will see some links to specific traffic cases we handle. If you have been arrested for driving without a license or on a suspended license; or if you have been in a terrible accident and you were charged with DUI Manslaughter, the Hotchkin Law firm has the experience to help you. The state of Nevada wants to collect tax money and one of the ways they do that is to write as many tickets as they can. Traffic ticket income brings in revenue each year for the state. So they write as many traffic tickets as possible, and hope that the drivers will accept the ticket, pay the fine, and go away. Don’t become one of those people for no reason. If you have been charged with a traffic crime in Reno, call Lee Hotchkin for a free consultation.

Call our office now to schedule a FREE Consultation (775) 786 -5791 Hotchkin Law – 100 West Liberty Street – Suite 820 – Reno Nevada 89501

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Reno Nevada Drug Crimes Attorney Sun, 14 Sep 2014 20:24:39 +0000 61135_567585659954426_1591285175_n

Lee Hotchkin is one of Reno, Nevada’s most experienced defense lawyers, representing those who have been picked up on various types of drug charges. Whether they caught you growing, or just for possession, you will need a good lawyer in Nevada Courts. The D.A. wants to put you away for a very long time, so it’s up to us to change that, and get you back home with your family.

Marijuana is almost legal in America. It won’t be long before each state makes it legal. At the time of this posting, Colorado passed a law to legalize marijuana. The bad news is, this is Nevada, and it’s still illegal. Only medical patients are supposed to have marijuana but the landscape is changing so you may be able to sway a jury to let you off. It’s up to the situation, but Lee Hotchkin will do all he can to have this case reduced or dismissed

If you were caught growing marijuana there are a lot of variables. We understand pot laws, and if you were within certain boundaries, you may be able to get off with a simple fine. Before you go any further, call Reno defense lawyer Lee Hotchkin to talk about this case. Tell him how many plants you were growing, what stage they were in, if you had any clones; or how much money or plant matter was taken from you. You may be able to have this case thrown out if the police acted in the wrong way. One person was able to get the court to demand that the sheriff’s department return the persons money, lights, and plants.

You may be in for a long jail sentence if you were arrested for meth. Anyone who has been on meth, and gets off knows that you are about half crazy at any moment. But that’s alright, we believe in you and know what to do to help you get out of this situation. You may have to go to rehab to get off the crystal. It’s time to make the change, contact Lee Hotchkin for help.

Call our office now to schedule a FREE Consultation (775) 786 -5791

Hotchkin Law – 100 West Liberty Street – Suite 820 – Reno Nevada 89501

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