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Violent Crime? Don’t worry. You have found one of the most experienced defense lawyers in Reno. Lee Hotchkin has been winning violent crime cases for more than 33 years. He can help you too but time is of the essense. Call now before the case unravels.

The Hotchkin Law Firm is known in Reno as a serious defense firm for those charges with serious crimes like murder, kidnapping, or assault with a deadly weapon. We have been quite successful recently with attempted murder charges, and charges involving weapons. If you are looking for the best lawyer you can find in Reno to represent you in a murder trial, Perry Mason isn’t real, but Lee Hotchkin is. You can count on Lee to stand by your loved one in court, and by you during this difficult process.

You must be really worried about what you are going to do now that they have been charged with a violent crime. The best thing you can do as a spouse is try to keep things as normal as possible at home. Cook, eat, go to work, and try and get some sleep.

The State of Nevada is going to do everything they can to put your loved one behind bars, it’s our job to make them look inexperienced, and utterly wrong. Lee Hotchkin is the lead council of the Hotchkin Law Firm. Lee and his associates will look in every law book and turn every page to find cases to build from. Nothing is too small to bring to the table.

Violent crime cases are very high profile both for the D.A. and the Governor’s office. They want convictions and are willing to do anything they can to throw your loved one behind bars for as long as they can. You need to throw up a wall 80 feet high and just as thick to keep your loved on out of jail. You need experience, and Lee Hotchkin has it.

If your loved one was picked up and taken to the jail the next possible meeting is in the morning. Lee Hotchkin can meet you first thing if you take a moment right now to fill out the form on the left side of this page. Explain what happened, and what kind of violent crime they are charged with. Lee will get the message right away, 24 hours a day. He knows what you are going through and will be there for support tomorrow morning. Use that form now.

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