Traffic Crimes


Every year, thousands of drivers in Nevada are given tickets for traffic violations or traffic crimes. You have two choices when you receive traffic tickets, either pay the ticket or fight the ticket by going to court.  Traffic Crimes include:

Many people pay the tickets without considering the consequences or their legal options. The fact is, if you simply pay the ticket, you are pleading guilty to the traffic violation. That violation will stay on your driving record for years and will affect your insurance rates. If you received a ticket, you should contact a Nevada traffic ticket defense attorney to discuss your options and legal rights.

Worse yet, if you forget about the ticket or ignore the deadline for handling the ticket, a criminal bench warrant can be issued. A judge can hold you in contempt of court for failing to appear in court or take care of the ticket. Contempt charges can include jail time, a higher fine or even a new criminal charge. In addition to possibly being held in contempt of court, your failure to appear will stay on your record and could affect your custody status in other criminal proceeding.


Depending on the offense traffic crimes can range from fix-it tickets, and offenses that offer alternative sentencing programs like traffic school, to heavy penalties and prison time. If you have received a ticket or been arrested for a traffic violation you should speak with a traffic crimes defense attorney. Many traffic crimes can effect not only your insurance rates, but your ability to continue driving.

Nevada DMV Demerit Point System

The state of Nevada has a point system for some traffic violations. Most of the moving violations in Nevada range from 1 to 8 on the scale. If you ever plead guilty or get convicted of a violation, the points will be added to your driving record. If you ever get a total of 12 or more points in a twelve month period, the Nevada DMV will suspend your license for six months.

It is very important to take care of any tickets so that you can protect your ability to legally operate a motor vehicle. Note that if your license is suspended in Nevada you might not be able to drive in other states.

Below is a list of traffic violations and each corresponding point value. Points can be removed by taking traffic safety classes or after a two year period they are automatically be removed from your record. Even after points are removed, the traffic convictions will stay on your record.

Reckless driving: 8 points
Careless driving: 6 points
Texting or using a hand-held cell phone (2nd offense): 4 points
Following too closely: 4 points
Failing to yield right-of-way: 4 points
Failing to yield to a pedestrian: 4 points
Disregarding traffic light or stop sign: 4 points
Driving too slowly: 2 points
Speeding (up to 10 mph over limit): 1 point
Speeding (11-15 mph over limit): 2 points
Speeding (16-20 mph over limit): 3 points
Speeding (21 mph or more over limit): 4 points
Speeding (1-15 mph over limit in school zone): 4 points
Speeding (16 mph or more over limit in school zone): 6 points


If you have been arrested for or charged with a traffic crime, seek the counsel of a Reno criminal defense attorney with experience fighting Nevada traffic cases. We have successfully defended hundreds of traffic related cases.

There are numerous defenses for traffic crimes and depending on the charge you may be eligible for traffic school which will keep the arrest off your record.

If you have been arrested for traffic crime, you deserve an experienced criminal defense attorney who will personally handle your case. Call Reno Nevada Law attorney Lee Hotchkin at (775) 786-5791 – it’s what we do!