Attempted Murder


Attempted Murder is a felony in Nevada. The legal definition of attempted murder in Nevada is “the performance of an act which tends, but fails, to kill a human being, when such acts are done with . . . the deliberate intention unlawfully to kill.”  (Keys v. State, 104 Nev. 736, 766 P.2d 270 (1988))

Therefore for someone to be convicted of attempted murder in Nevada, the prosecution has to prove two key elements:

  1. the defendant intended to kill the would-be-victim, and
  2. the defendant took at least one direct step towards accomplishing the killing

Merely intending to injure does not make you liable for attempted murder . . . the D.A. must prove you meant to kill.  In cases where there was a physical fight for instance, the D.A. would argue that any wounds you allegedly inflicted on the victim’s head or chest are evidence of intent to kill because of its proximity to vital organs.

Similarly, simply planning a homicide would not qualify as an attempted murder in Nevada law.  The defendant would have had to put the plan into action.  Examples of attempted murder include paying a hitman to kill someone, or shooting at someone who then dodges the bullet.


Attempted murder is a category B felony in Nevada.  The punishment is 2 to 20 years in Nevada state prison.

Additional penalties of 1 to 20 years will be imposed if the defendant used a deadly weapon or if the would-be victim was sixty or older.  But this enhanced sentence may not be longer than the underlying sentence for attempted murder.


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